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Placement Cell

The D.B.S. College has an Employment cell and is functioning successfully. The Employment cell several times organized Campus Placement / Recruitment , Counseling and various awareness programme for the career and jobs of the students. The following programmes were organized during the year 2007-2008 by the employment cell of D. B. S. College, Kanpur.

1. IBM Daksh conducted campus recruitments on 18th January, 2007 at college auditorium for the post of Executive Operations. Mr. Varun Sachdeva, Asst. Manager, HR, IBM Daksh and his team selected 26 students out of 400 students who underwent through test and interview.

2. HCL Career development centre organized a two days’ programme for career haunt on 19, 20 Sep. 2007 at college campus. Mr. Gaurav D. Parashar, Centre Manager, HCL and Mr. Sharad Kr. Tripathi, Business Exec., HCL explained the various job oriented programme in the field of I.T. Sector and selected 12 students for different programmes.

3. A Seminar on Emerging Career Opportunities and Accounting and Financial Sector on 25th September 2007 at college auditorium. Mr. D. Singh, The Branch Manager of Tally (India) Pvt. Ltd. explained the students the career opportunities in the accounting and financial sector through Tally. The students could become self reliant by under giving the short term (6 months) Course and could get a job of Rs. 10,000.00 P. M.

4. IBM Daksh conducted campus recruitment on 29th September 2007 at college auditorium, for the post of Executive Operation, Mr. Vikash Mishra, selected 07 students who underwent through test and interview. The candidates selected were : Manpreet Singh, Shikha Rathore, Rohini Bhattacharya, Jatin Malhotra, Ashish Kumar Gupta, Laxmi Chaudhary, Rubi Dwivedi.

5. A Seminar on Global Employment in Information Technology was organized by employment cell on 24th October, 2007 of college auditorium. Mr. Shanti B. Pandey, Centre Manager and his tem UPTEC told in detail the students through LCD Projector about the opportunities in Global Employment in IT Sector. They selected 130 students for a free computer training at UPTEC Centre, Kanpur. 250 students were attended the programme.

6. A free counseling programme was organized by people tree of Kanpur. Mr. Sudhir Chaturvedi and Mr. Agarwal of people tree addressed the students and told them about the job opportunities in IT companies they selected 26 students for free training. After completing the training they would be presented before DELL, Accenture, Aditya Birla Minacs for recruitment.

7. An industrial training workshops was organized by employment cell of College in association with Small Industries Service Institute (SISI) to help and encourage students towards self-employment. On this occasion, Deputy Director, Small Industries Service Institution (SISI). Mr. Ashok Kumar apprised students about the self-employment opportunities available in this regard. He made it clear that the entrepreneur occupies an important place in the process of industrialization of a Nation. In the financial, managerial, technical and production matters and has to coordinate between different support agencies. He has to draw benefits from various sources which help lines in speedy implementation of his project.

8. ITC Ltd. Conducted campus recruitment on 17th January 2008, at college auditorium for the post of SALES EXECUTIVE. Mr. Madhur Prabhakar, Operations Head, Merit Frac and his team selected 12 students for final interview after G. D., test and interview. The candidates selected are : Shushant Shukla, Mohd. Waseem Ansari, Jatin Malhotra, Arpit Srivastava, Abhay Singh Bhadoria, Shwet Shekhar Bajpai, Vishvajeet Mishra, Mohd. Rostam, Shaiwal Chaudhary, Saurabh Dixit, Sumit Kumar Gupta, Shudhanshu Pandey.

9. ICICI Prudential conducted campus selection for DGPMI Diploma course on 18th January 2008 at college auditorium. Mr. Shaheed Khan Mansoori associate projects and his team selected 13 students out of 15 students who underwent through test and interview. The Candidates selected are: Saurabh Dixit, Shaiwal Chaudhary, Shayam Babu, Sulabh Singh Rathaure, Manpreet Singh, Surjeet Singh, Puneet Asthana, Ankit Srivastava, Sandeep Prajapati, Harihar Singh, Mahendra Pal Singh, Punit Kumar Srivastava, Rubi Dwivedi.

10. Apex Laboratories conducted campus recruitment on 22nd January 2008 at college auditorium for the post of Medical Communication Executive. Mr. Rajeev Khera, Area Manager and his team selected 14 students out of 168 students who underwent through test and interview. The Candidates selected are : Punit Srivastava, Kuldeep Singh, Narendra Kumar, Sudhanshu Pandey, Kushagra Mishra, Shwet Shankar Bajpai, Ankit Tripathi, Neerendra Kumar, Puneet Asthana, Ravi Pandey, Arpit Shukla, Sushant Shukla, Prabhakar Srivastava, Sumit Kumar Saini.

11. IBM Daksh Gurgaon a multinational company established a training centre at D.B.S. College. Mrs. Geeta Randhava is the trainer from IBM Daksh. The students are getting training free of cost at college.

The all members are very helpful in organizing various programmes from time to time and make them a success.

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